QuickBooks Tips

Keeping QuickBooks Working for You!

QB Tip #1

Use a bank that allows you to download transactions. This will save you time, energy, and / or money when it comes to entering the transactions into your QuickBooks file.

QB Tip #2

Utilize QuickBooks’ payroll capabilities. It can be tailored to meet your specific needs and desired level of involvement, and makes reporting on payroll expenses very accurate.

QB Tip #3

Set up different users in your QuickBooks file. As the file’s administrator, the owner can set different levels of permissions for different users. This prevents employees from gaining access to protected or private information.

QB Tip #4

Consult your QuickBooks Pro Advisor before choosing a version of QuickBooks (between Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Online, and more) to make sure that you get the software that best meets the needs of your business.

QB Tip #5

Back up your QuickBooks file to a server or thumb drive often to avoid catastrophic data loss if something were to go wrong with your computer.

QB Tip #6

QuickBooks ProAdvisors have access to a higher level of Intuit / QuickBooks tech support than what is available to the general public. If we are unable to solve an issue your file has encountered, they are usually able to step in and fix the issue very quickly.

QB Tip #7

Know keyboard shortcuts.

QB Tip #8

Customize the icon bar to open key windows or reports.

QB Tip #9

Develop the habit of using the QuickMath calculator.

QB Tip #10

Use the right-click menus.

QB Tip #11

Set up Program Preferences.

QB Tip #12

Use the Find feature to locate transactions faster.

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